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Who We Are

Our instructors are the most experienced trainers over thousands of jumps, and so our passengers and students should confide them as they are friendly, supportive and dedicated for helping the learners.

KSF is the first organization to provide aerial trainings with entertainment activity, competitive sport and thrilled experience.

The Activity meets the Federal Kuwait Skydive requirements in order to develop a fun and safe sky experience.

Our community consists of

  • Jovial people and thrill seekers;
  • Curious & adventurous people
  • Inspiring people for both recreational activity and a competitive sport
  • Individuals, waiting for new trends to spend their leisure time in Kuwait
  • Trust skilled people (or which are aiming to boost their self-esteem and confidence).
  • Active persons who are into sport activities (extreme sport, adventure sport or alternative sport) and entertainment events;
  • People interested to enhance their lifestyle and to expand their community;
  • People attracted in the competitive skydives, skydiving formation and skydiving schools
  • People which are pursuing a career in the sport activities

and we invite anyone who wants to be inspire by such a community.