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Learn to skydive

Dare the adventure, learn and fly, raise your adrenaline, enjoy freedom, and open new doors to yourself.

The best of experiences are stumbling at the doorstep, and our team is impatiently waiting to provide you with the knowledge you have been missing until now. Endless skies and views, incredible freedom is the gift for your courage.

Our team, our knowledge, hospitality and support will vest you with a new lifestyle and skills many just dreams of. Who wouldn't love to enjoy the view from 13 000 feet without windows? Who wouldn't like to get fit and be part of one of the coolest adventures on Earth?

The opportunity is brought to you by Kuwait Skydive and Fly courses and beginner sessions.

The AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) skydive course is the fastest and the most successful way to learn skydive as this method of skydiving is called “Accelerated" due to the progression in a fast solo freefall way from 13000 feet. If you would like to be able to skydive by yourself the AFF course is the solution to learn to jump within 7 working days with 8 jumps as the course consist 8 levels.

It is very simple, after completing your 1 day on-ground training in basic skydiving procedures, free fall body position, canopy deployment, canopy control and safety routines on the following day you will complete your first skydive.

Free falling is the ideal falling motion of a body that is subjected only to the earth's gravitational field.

A freefall implies only the act of gravitational force on the falling body. A free fall can be performed by the skydive practitioners in a freefalling method and supposed to leave the entirely body in a free fall in a form or aerial acrobatics that involves a series of formations in a mix of upright and head-down maneuvers. Jumpers fly under, over and around each other in a pre-planned patterns. Vertical formation skydiving is another variation of free flying.

Tandem skydive is the easiest method to experience the thrill of flying over 13,000 feet altitude whilst securely attached in a harness to one of our highly qualified instructors. It needs no past experiences.

Dare. Change your life. Forever.